The first trimester

1st month of pregnancy

Changes in the mother

Your pregnancy has been confirmed and in 9 months time you will be a young mother! Very quickly you begin to notice your body changing. First noticeable signs:  missed period, swollen and tender breasts. You may experience nausea and feel tired and weary at the end of the day. You may also need to pass urine more frequently. Changes can also cause a change in the sense of smell and taste. It is important to note that all these signs do not develop systematically.

It is important to look after yourself from the first month of pregnancy: avoid medicines because some of them can be dangerous for the foetus.

Alcohol is to be avoided as are all x-rays.

Changes to the embryo

The foetus implants in the uterus on the 7th day and becomes an embryo. Limb buds appear, and the head is well in place. The liver, pancreas and lungs start to form. Blood circulation starts and the renal system forms. On the 21st day, the heart beats and heart contractions are noticeable.

The embryo measures approximately 6 mm.

2nd month of pregnancy

Changes in the mother

Your body slowly changes and adapts to the embryo. Breasts also change quickly (swollen, tender and possibly even painful). Some minor disorders can also occur at the start of pregnancy: nausea, stomach upset, constipation, hot flushes, frequent need to pass urine, painful breasts, headache, excessive salivation.

All of these are normal and must be treated on a case by case basis: for example a change in dietary habits to fight against constipation (eat vegetables and raw fruit and wholemeal bread), nausea and stomach upset (avoid too much fat), paracetamol for headaches (never take aspirin during pregnancy) etc.  But sometimes patience is required.

Practical advice: You can start enquiring about maternity hospitals and crèches for your baby.

Changes to the embryo

Arms and legs appear. Hands and fingers form, and facial shape (eyes, mouth, nose).  The spinal cord is formed. The intestine enlarges. Organs are functional. In the 7th week, skeletal ossification starts... At the end of the 2nd month, the embryo is about 3 cm and weighs 11 g.


3rd month of pregnancy

Changes in the mother

The third month is when the first scan is done, you will be able to see your baby and find out its sex if you wish, and see if it is in the right position when the scan is taken.

Cramps and a feeling of being unwell can occur: eat well and eat foods rich in magnesium. It is important to look after yourself.

Regarding physical activity, walking, yoga and swimming are suitable.

Practical advice: You can tell your employer about your good news and declare your pregnancy to Social Security and Family Support.

Changes to the foetus

The embryo has become a foetus. The baby's sex can be differentiated. The face forms with eyelids and lips, and the head represents a third of the body. Muscles start to develop. Vocal cords form. Hands are completely formed and hair and nails start to grow. The foetus moves very gently; and makes mouth movements. First movements are visible on a scan but you won't feel them yet. At the end of the month, the foetus is about 10 cm and weighs 45g.

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