My baby has diarrhea

Osmolac is a special formula for baby to take during episodes of diarrhea.

It is a cow-milk based formula, close to human breast milk whose osmolarity, lactose, and electrolyte contents have been adapted to the needs of infants and very young children in the event of banal or acute diarrhea or gastro-enteritis:

  • Low osmolarity to favour rehydration.

  • Adjusted carbohydrate profile, lactose free. Carbohydrates constitute by maltodextrins and starch to prolong the release of energy.

  • Selected lipid profile originating from vegetable fatty materials and in particular constitutes by medium chain triglycerides (MCT).

  • Protein profile close to breast milk to favor intestinal absorption. It has a casein/whey protein ratio of (40/60) that is the same as human milk. These lactic proteins are associated with a fraction of hydrolysate that improves the bioavailability of the proteins, thus help their intestinal absorption.

  • Increase infant’s appetite by adding a fraction of apple powder for its supply of pectin.

Important note:  breastfeeding is the best food for infants.

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