My Baby has Reflux or Spit Up

Physiolac AR is formulated for those babies who have reflux or tend to spit up regularly. While reflux and spit during the first year of life is commonly due to immaturity of the babies digestive system, Physiolac AR may reduce it severity and frequency.

Physiolac AR 2 contains precooked corn starch that thickens in the stomach. It not only increase the baby’s full feeling, but also helps to reduce spit up and reflux.

In addition Physiolac AR 2 is formulated with *GOS and FOS dietary fibres that support the development of good intestinal flora and may improve digestion. A lower lactose levels may alleviate gassiness and digestive problems. Moreover, protein ratio and nutrition formulated meet babies’ nutritional needs for growth **.

Please note: requires extra mixing with adviced quantity of warm water to ensure starch becomes fully dissolved and use a variable flow teat for feeding.

* GOS (galacto-oligosaccharides) 和FOS (fructo-oligosaccharides)
**put in the GOS and FOS and in accordance with regulations.
Important note:  breastfeeding is the best food for infants.

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