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Which milk

Cow's milk is not suitable for infants under 3 years of age. It is too rich in proteins (mainly caseins) and sodium. It contains fats mainly made from saturated fats, it is therefore low in Essential Fatty Acids (EFA) which are essential to young children's neurological development. Finally, its iron, vitamin D and C content is also insufficient. 

The No. 3 Growth milk allows milky feeding to continue satisfying the needs of children between 1 and 3 years of age. The protein content is moderate compared with cow's milk, to contribute to reducing the risk of excess related to excessive proteins from a child's varied diet. Fats provide a supply of essential fatty acids (EFA). Vitamins and minerals are dosed to meet the needs of children over one year. All these nutrients are essential for good growth and development.

No. 3 Growth milk and infant cereals

Add infant cereals to a bottle of No.3 Growth Milk, for breakfast, a snack or whole meal. The milk provides proteins, essential fatty acids (EFA) and all vitamins and minerals*, cereals provide slow carbohydrates, fibres and vegetable proteins in variable proportions.

The numerous references allow meals to be varied: vanilla and fruity tastes for breakfast and snacks. Vegetable cereals allow soups or milky purées to be made for lunchtime or evening meals.

Use infant cereals with no added sugar, and don't add salt or sugar. 

* In accordance with regulations

The Physiolac solution

Physiolac offers you its range of nutrition for babies from 12 months onwards: 

  • Physiolac 3

  • Physiolac 3 Bio

  • Physio Cereals 

* Important note:  breast milk is the best infant food.

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