Baby’s hospital bag

For the baby: 

One change a day should be planned, here is a list of the main items of clothing:

Babygros, pyjamas, vests, socks and bootees, bibs, cotton blankets, bath towels, etc.

For bathing and looking after the baby, paediatric nurses often have the necessary equipment, but you can bring a few products.

A 0-6 month dummy to reassure and calm the baby

The dummy will satisfy the baby's sucking need and reassure it and calm it. Choose a dummy that moulds to the baby's palate and respects the harmonious development of gums and teeth. Sucking is a natural, innate requirement in infants. It is one of the signs of good cognitive development.

Saline solution for bathing eyes and nose

For bathing eyes, use a saline solution. Put a few drops of the solution into each eye, taking care to avoid the surface of the eye. Then, wipe liquid excess with a sterile pad. For bathing the nose, tilt the baby's head back. Gently insert the tip of the single dose of saline solution into the nostril and press gently. After putting the saline solution in, use the baby's nose by suction to facilitate suctioning up secretions. Repeat the process for the other nostril.

An oleo-calcareous liniment for a sitz bath

To prevent redness, it is important to change the baby after each feed.

For umbilical cord care

The baby's umbilical cord must stay clean and dry.

Our advice: gently clean the umbilical cord with an appropriate disinfectant and leave the umbilical cord uncovered.

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